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General Information


Job title: Welcome Center Attendant
Job location: Houston, TX 77030 United States
Requisition code: 8069
Date posted: 02/01/13
Job type: Full-Time

Job Classification

Job Category:Registered Nurse

Job Description

Job description:
The primary purpose of the Welcome Center Attendant position is to provide prompt and courteous information to callers utilizing institutional resources such as the patient care management system, computer-telephony integrated systems and other institutional systems. Responsible for routing callers to appropriate destinations within the institution, sending alphanumeric pages and calling codes.
1. Provides patient information and directions to callers in a fast pace, high call volume environment (10 or more incoming telephone lines). Operates telecommunication integrated systems. Extracts information from various Institutional systems (e.g. CARE, Infinity). Operates multiple electronic devices and systems simultaneously.
2. Handles confidential patient information in accordance with HIPAA and other applicable laws and regulations. Protects privacy of patients and employees information.
3. Essential Employees must be prepared to work as a member of the Hurricane Ride Out/Recovery Team.
4. Utilizes appropriate grammar and dictation when communicating with callers. Maintains a professional and positive attitude in a fast paced environment. Often interacts via the phone with patients, family members and employees in highly emotional or agitated situations.
5. Proactively contacts and provides critical information to teams of up to 12 areas (Anesthesia, Chaplain, MICU Fellow, ICU Nurse, Lab Medicine, Materials, MERIT Nurse, UTPD, EKG, PEDI, Pharmacy, and Respiratory) within the Institution the event of a Code Blue or Code Red.
6. Responsible for assembling and mailing out of New Patient Referral packets daily utilizing new patient information as provided.
7. Provides prompt and courteous service to individuals experiencing Personal Care Events in public areas as outlined in the Personal Care Events in Public Spaces Policy CLN1052 and employees who are in need of contacting Human Resources after hours to report the death of an employee.
Job Description-Requirements EDUCATION:
Required: High school diploma or equivalent.
Required: Two years of customer service experience.
Required: Must pass pre-employment skills test as required and administered by Human Resources.

This position requires:
Working in Office Environment: Yes
Working in Patient Care Unit (e.g. Nursing unit; outpatient clinic): No
Exposure to human/animal blood, body fluids, or tissues: No
Exposure to harmful chemicals: No
Exposure to radiation: No
Exposure to animals: No
This position is an essential position within the institution and the incumbent will be required to report to work during disasters and weather emergencies. The incumbent must be able to work various shifts during a 24-hour period seven days a week.

Indicate the time required to do each of the following physical demands:
Time Spent:
Never - 0%
Occasionally - 1-33%
Frequently - 34-66%
Continuously - 67-100%
Standing - 10%
Walking - 10%
Sitting - 80%
Reaching - 0%
Up to 10 lbs - 10%
10 lbs to 50 lbs - 10%
More than 50 lbs - 0%
Up to 10 lbs - 5%
10 lbs to 50 lbs - 10%
More than 50 lbs - 0%
Use computer/keyboard - 100%

Job Requirements

Education, training, experience:
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